Rick Scarborough On Immigration, Religion and Birtherism

Earlier this week, we noted that while attending the National Tea Party Convention, Vision America’s Rick Scarborough was quoted as having stated that “if we are to become 30 per cent Hispanic we will no longer be America.”

That quote was actually picked up by two different reporters: David Usborne of The Independent and Tim Reid of The Times Online, who offered up a slightly different version of the quote (“If this country becomes 30 per cent Hispanic we will no longer be America.”)

Last night, Scarborough went on Alan Colmes’ radio program to claim that he never said anything like that and to attack liberals for going “halfway around the world to quote a foreign news source” in order to smear him. 

Scarborough didn’t explain how two separate reporters both independently quoted him saying that same thing and frankly did an even worse job of convincing anyone that he would never say anything like that, since he spent the majority of the interview decrying immigrants who come to the US illegally as drug dealers and criminals who set themselves up in culturally isolated enclaves where they refuse to learn English and assimilate.

Scarborough went on the defend Tom Tancredo regarding his “literacy test” remarks from the convention, claiming that at worst, his remarks were poorly phrased.

Eventually, the discussion turned to other topics, like whether one can be a liberal and also a good Christian.  Not surprisingly, Scarborough’s answer was a resounding “no!” 

And then, for good measure, Scarborough wrapped it all up with some good old fashioned Birtherism and assertions that President Obama intentionally trying to destroy America: