Rick Scarborough: Gay Marriage Bans Christians From Holding Federal Office And Is Bringing The Judgment Of God On America

Last week, we posted a clip of Vision America founder Rick Scarborough falsely claiming that the Supreme Court’s 2015 marriage equality ruling has now “made it unlawful and illegal for Christians to hold positions” in government. Scarborough seems quite fond of this talking point, as he repeated it when he spoke at an American Pastors Network “Vote Your Values” event in Pennsylvania recently.

“There are laws on the books now that disqualify your members, especially your leaders, from serving in federal office because they hold the biblical interpretation of marriage,” Scarborough told the group of pastors.

“When five unelected lawyers,” he continued, “handed down the marriage ruling and said that, despite natural law and despite all of God’s revelation and thousands of years of history, we declare that a man can marry a man, they opened the floodgates for an immoral life such as we have never known in this country and perhaps brought the judgment of God finally, completely upon our country.”