Rick Scarborough: AIDS Is God’s Judgment For An Immoral Act

Over the weekend, the Freedom Federation’s “Awakening 2011” was held at Liberty University and Saturday was dedicated primarily to smaller break-out sessions featuring a variety of right-wing and Religious Right activists.

One of those sessions was entitled “Confronting the Culture: Engaging People of Faith” and moderated by Vision America’s Rick Scarborough who used it as an opportunity to recount how he first became engaged in Religious Right activism. 

As Scarborough explained, he attended a sex ed program at this daughter’s high school and was so outraged by what he heard that he was mobilized to action because, as he explained, he knew that AIDS was not just a disease but rather God’s judgment for engaging in immoral behavior:

This was right at the front end of the AIDS epidemic and pastors who care were reading everything they could find out because I happened to have believed – and haven’t changed by mind – that it was a judgment as a result of an immoral act.

It was interesting, in those days it was still largely called GRIDS: Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome. And to this very day, the overwhelming majority of those who are transmitting that disease are still homosexuals. It is a homosexual disease.