Rick Joyner Very Concerned that Obama Might Be a Treasonous Muslim

Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries and The Oak Initiative just cannot decide if President Obama is a Christian or a Muslim.  On the one hand, Joyner says, Obama has a dog and hosts barbeques at the White House which are “things that no devout Muslim would do.”  But then, on the other hand, maybe Obama is just following the “teachings in the Koran that allow for any Muslim to break the laws of Islam in order to deceive their enemies until they have gained an advantage over them.”

So you can see why Joyner is just so confused … and especially concerned that Obama the Muslim just might be engaging in treason:

I am about 55 percent persuaded that Obama is a Christian and 45 percent that he is possibly a Muslim, and at times I have been more persuaded that he is a Muslim. This ratio began for me believing that he was a Christian at about 95 percent, so I fully understand why so many are beginning to believe he is a Muslim, and I think it’s possible that soon the percentage will be rising.

One fact that should be very clear to any thinking, unbiased observer is that from the beginning of Obama’s Administration, we cannot trust what he says, but we have to observe what he actually does, which is to judge him by his fruit. Even a casual observer would see that Obama has demonstrated a great deal of hostility toward Christians and Jews and has demonstrated a basic affinity for Islam and Muslims.

In judging Obama’s faith, many are simply using the basic reasoning that “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck—it’s a duck!” No doubt President Obama is acting more like a Muslim, and doing far more to promote Islam, while at the same time demonstrating disdain or hostility toward Christians and Christianity. The fruit of his actions bears strong evidence that Obama is indeed a Muslim, or at the very least has far more affinity for Islam than Christianity.

So why am I not persuaded that he’s a Muslim? I would believe this except for one thing—I inquired of the Lord about this and feel that I have been shown something else—that deep in his heart he wants to know the real Jesus, just as many Muslims do. He has had a hard time finding Jesus in His people. He has had bad influences to shape his life and bad counselors now. I’m praying for the Lord to raise up a Joseph or Daniel to help him.

Even so, presently we are no doubt in a very grave situation in our nation with a President who has, at the very least, shaped by some bad influences. If Obama is a Muslim, this could mean that the things being done that are eroding the core strength of America could be intentional, not just done out of ignorance. That would make it treason of the highest order.