Rick Joyner: Trump’s Immigration Reform Plan Will Be ‘Amazingly Kind And Gentle And Compassionate’

On his most recent “Prophetic Perspectives On Current Events” program, televangelist Rick Joyner said that he was part of a committee tasked with coming up with an immigration reform plan for President-elect Donald Trump, which he said would not involve mass deportations and would instead provide a quick path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the country, directly contradicting Trump’s own statements.

Joyner again said that he saw tears well up in Trump’s eyes at the thought that his stated hard-line immigration plans would split up families. Joyner claimed that Trump gave the ad hoc committee a mandate to come up with an immigration reform plan that was compassionate and would ensure that all immigrants in the country are here legally.

Trump’s draconian rhetoric during the campaign was just a negotiating tactic, Joyner said, in which he proposed something outrageous in order to make what he really wants seem reasonable. Joyner promised that Trump’s actual immigration plan will be “amazingly kind and gentle and compassionate.”

The plan his committee presented to Trump does include a “reasonable penalty” for those who are here illegally, Joyner said, but it comes with “really quick” path to citizenship.

“There is actually a pathway to being able to legally work and everything else really quick,” Joyner said, “but also ultimate citizenship.”

Joyner claimed that the committee ran its plan by some undocumented immigrants who reportedly thought the plan was “great” because it reassured them that they were not going to be forced to leave the country because “it’ll give them legal status pretty quick.”