Rick Joyner’s Friend ‘Had A Revelation’ That The Obama Administration Bugged Trump’s Oval Office And Is Leaking Information

Televangelist Rick Joyner posted a video on his Facebook page on Friday asserting that someone from the Obama administration “left some bugs” inside the Oval Office and is now leaking sensitive information from inside the Trump White House to the public.

“A friend of mine had a revelation about their being bugs in the Oval Office and that’s where the leaks are coming from,” Joyner declared. “Somebody in the Obama administration left some bugs there. Bugs are going to be the listening devices or whatever that somebody is tuning into; that could explain a lot, it really could, because somebody knows the phone calls the president is making when there are only two people in the room that absolutely should not be leaking and I don’t suspect that either one of them were guilty. So what is going on there? I hope they get in there and sweep that room really good.”

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