Rick Joyner Says That Trump ‘Overwhelmingly’ Won The Popular Vote If We Just Ignore California And New York City

On the most recent episode of his “Prophetic Perspective on Current Events ” program, Rick Joyner dismissed the fact that Hillary Clinton “seemingly won the popular vote” in the 2016 presidential election by insisting that if we just ignore the votes cast in California and New York City, Donald Trump “was overwhelmingly the victor in the rest of the country.”

Clinton won the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes, but Joyner falsely claimed that if the results of the election in New York City alone were discounted, then “Trump won the popular vote by a pretty good margin.” If the results in California are also thrown out, Joyner said, then Trump won an overwhelming victory.

“So, overwhelmingly, the whole country—if you remove just a few little points—Trump won,” Joyner insisted. “The people were with him.”

The “few little points” that Joyner seeks to dismiss just so happen to be the most populous city and state in the country. Only by ignoring the votes cast in the places with the most people can you assert that Trump “overwhelmingly” won the popular vote.