Rick Joyner Apologized to Leading Islamic Clerics for America’s Perversion, Filth, and Darkness

One of the most frequent attacks that the Right levels against President Obama is that he is constantly apologizing for America to nations around the world, and especially to our enemies, and vowing never to apologize for America has become an easy applause line for GOP presidential hopefuls.

So imagine our surprise as we were watching the last day of Rick Joyner’s week-long series on the evils of Islam and heard Joyner recall apologizing to Islamic leaders for the filth, homosexuality, and darkness that America is exporting all over the world.

As Joyner explained, several years ago he attended a “World Public Forum on Civilizations and Religions” where he went out of his way to connect with top Mullahs and Imams from around the world in order to understand why they hated America so much.  In doing so, Joyner learned that foreign Muslims had no idea that there were Christians in America who hated our culture just as much as they did and so he took it upon himself to apologize for America:

I had an experience a few years ago when I was asked to be a delegate at the World Public Forum on Civilizations and Religions and it had the top Mullahs and Imams from every Islamic country … and I spent all the time I could trying to understand … and I wanted to hear their perspective; why did they hate America so much?

They had no clue that there was such a thing as Christians in America that didn’t like pornography. They saw what was coming out of Hollywood as American Christianity … And I did apologize – I understand our Republican candidates all saying “I’ll never apologize for America,” well, I did apologize for America and I won’t apologize for doing that!

I apologized for the filth and perversion coming out of Hollywood that I believe is spiritually and morally polluting multitudes all over the earth. This is one of the main reasons why Islam hates us so bad. They say “you put ‘In God We Trust’ on your money; look at this filth and perversion you’re sending all over the world.”

You know what? They hate this thing that has them in bondage and they see perverting their own people and they feel that there is nothing they can do but kill us. We’ve become too perverted. They think America’s a homosexual nation, lead, ruled by homosexuals and that this perversion has gone too far, there’s nothing to do but destroy America and Americans. That’s why they think it’s their duty to kill Americans.

They were shocked; they had never heard of Evangelical Christianity, Christians that didn’t like this stuff either. But I did apologize to them. I told them I was sorry for what is coming out and I’m sorry that I haven’t been the salt that was salty enough or the light that was bright enough to keep that darkness from rising in our country the way it has.