Rep. Mo Brooks: National Guard Must ‘Be Allowed To Use Whatever Force Is Necessary’ On Border

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama said in a radio interview yesterday that the National Guard members whom President Trump is sending to the southern border “need to be allowed to use whatever force is necessary to secure that border,” including being “protected from liability” from the results of “snap judgments” when “deciding how to handle an immigrant.”

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes asked Brooks if Trump’s move would “satisfy conservative voters” who are frustrated that his promised border wall has not yet been funded.

“I am confident that American voters will be satisfied or pleased by what President Trump is doing if President Trump does it with the kind of magnitude that is necessary to secure our border,” Brooks said. “And in that vein, we need to make sure that our military personnel have such protection as is necessary for them to be successful in their mission. They need to be allowed to use whatever force is necessary to secure that border, and they need to be protected from liability associated with the kind of snap judgments they have to make under very difficult circumstances in deciding how to handle an immigrant, an unlawful alien, who is illegally crossing our border and coming into our country.”