Rep. Debbie Lesko Says God Has Put Her on Anti-Choice ‘Mission’

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) appeared on Family Research Council's live-streamed "Pro-Life Con"

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) participated in Family Research Council’s “Pro-Life Con” on Friday morning, which FRC streamed online. Lesko talked about activists who had convinced her to become an anti-abortion activist and a “pro-life champion” in the state legislature.

“I believe God has put me on a mission,” said Lesko, who said that she will soon be introducing the “Save Our Children Act,” which will seek to outlaw “dismemberment abortions.”

The term “dismemberment abortion,” like “partial-birth abortion,” is not a medical term but an inflammatory term chosen by anti-choice activists to try to ban what Rewire calls “the most commonly used method of ending a pregnancy during the second trimester.” Some state bans, and federal legislation that failed to pass in the last Congress, were based on model legislation promoted by the National Right to Life Committee.

Lesko, a former state senator, represents Arizona’s 8th congressional district, which was represented by Religious Right favorite Rep. Trent Franks, who unexpectedly stepped down after it was revealed that he had pressured female staffers to act as a pregnancy surrogate for him and his wife. Lesko won a special election last April and then was re-elected in November’s midterms.