Rep. Bachmann Named “Guardian of Worker Freedom”

Sometimes you just have to laugh:

Last week, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was presented with the “Guardian of Worker Freedom” award by the Alliance for Worker Freedom.  The AWF honored the Congresswoman with the award for her commitment to workers’ rights, open markets, and labor freedom in the [sic] 2008.  Bachmann also received the award for her efforts in 2007.

“I am honored to be receiving this award,” said Bachmann. “The men and women who make up America’s workforce are the heart and soul of this economy.  And in the face of our serious economic challenges it is more critical now than ever to encourage job creation and expand workers’ freedoms and opportunities.”

The nonpartisan Alliance for Worker Freedom presented the “Guardian of Worker Freedom” award to Representatives who stood up for the freedoms and interests of workers and against special interests and regulatory schemes that crush employment opportunity.

“By voting in favor of workers [sic] rights and freedoms, Congresswoman Bachmann deserves to be honored for siding with the rank-and-file American worker,” said AWF Executive Director Brian M. Johnson.  “Representative Bachmann is without a doubt a true guardian of worker freedom.”

The Alliance for Worker Freedom is a “special project” (aka “front-group”) for Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform, which is not exactly known for being overly committed to the well-being, security, or rights of the American worker. 

Apparently Bachmann and Norquist think that the American workforce is made up primarily of idiots who can’t see through their pathetically self-serving charade.