Religious Right Commentators Suggest Climate Change Is A ‘Trojan Horse’ And A ‘Religion’

Following the Democratic debates last month, Kenneth Copeland’s “Believers Voice of Victory” network held special programs featuring right-wing activists offering their commentary and analysis.

During the America Stands Analysis & Commentary after the second round of the most recent Democratic presidential debate, host Gene Bailey asked, “What’s the big deal about climate change?” and guests Buddy Pilgrim of Integrity Leadership and Pastor Greg Stephens suggested that climate proposals put forth by Democratic candidates were an attempt at the “redistribution of wealth” and that climate change is “a religion” for such candidates.

According to Pilgrim, those who “worship the creation more than the Creator” do not understand that there is “not really anything to reverse” when it comes to climate change. Later he suggested that without the production of carbon dioxide by humans, plant-life would suffer.

“Even if we put more carbon dioxide into the air, what do plants have to have to survive?” Pilgrim asked. “That’s right, carbon dioxide, so they take CO2 in and they produce oxygen. God created a system that manages and keeps this in balance. It’s impossible for one to get out of balance with the other. If we had a more oxygen-rich atmosphere, then it would benefit us, but it would ultimately cause other things like plants to decrease.”

Guest Stephen Strang, founder of Charisma Media, suggested that climate change is the “Trojan Horse that has booted the door for the government to control everything.” Strang later said that this is just another attempt by the Democrats to advance their agenda of socialism in the US.

To wrap up their rant on climate change, Pilgrim added that carbon-based fuels are the “single largest contributor to the prosperity of mankind in the history of this earth.” Pilgrim expressed his frustration with Joe Biden’s proposal to have 100% electric vehicles by 2030, describing this plan as “an impossible task” and a “pipe dream” that would “put hardship on the economy and people.”