Religious Right Activist: ‘It’s Not A Good Thing’ If Abortion Seekers Keep Babies But Don’t Accept God

Dan Steiner from the anti-abortion organization Mission Pre-Born and Religious Right host Sandy Rios agreed this morning that it’s “not a good thing” if anti-choice organizations working in crisis pregnancy centers convince women to forgo abortions without also urging them to receive Christ, thus condemning them and their babies to a “Christ-less eternity.”

On the Religious Right radio program “Sandy Rios in the Morning” today, Steiner joined Rios to talk about the work that Mission Pre-Born does in crisis pregnancy centers, in which volunteers attempt to dissuade women seeking abortions by funding ultrasounds and distributing faith-centric reading materials.

“Every one of them is there with an unplanned pregnancy. Most of them are single—67 percent—so they’re frankly living in sexual sin, and here’s an opportunity for us to speak into their lives in an unplanned pregnancy,” Steiner said.

Rios told Steiner that his work differs from other organizations that work with crisis pregnancy centers that “are not blatantly clear about the gospel,” adding that “God may be at the center of their mission, but maybe Jesus and the gospel isn’t clearly stated.” Rios said she agreed with Steiner that incorporating the gospel gives crisis pregnancy centers “greater power.”

“If you just save a life, that’s important but it’s kind of like feeding the hungry. It’s not enough if you don’t tell them the bread of life,” Rios said.

Rios then went into a fundraising pitch for Mission Pre-Born. When she finished she asked Steiner to describe the motivation for his work.

“Eternity is at stake here for these mothers, and for the babies. So if a woman comes in and she chooses to keep her baby, but she doesn’t receive Christ, then both the mother and the baby live out their lives apart from the gospel and they go into a Christ-less eternity. Not a good thing. It’s not the end game,” Steiner said.