Reed Skips McCain Fundraiser

After all the controversy provoked by the fact that John McCain was set to attend a fundraiser with Jack Abramoff crony Ralph Reed, it looks like the McCain campaign and Reed both wised up and decided not to be seen together at last night’s fundraiser in Atlanta:

John McCain raised more than $1.75 million for Republicans Monday at a fundraiser clouded by confusion over the role of a political operative connected to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The downtown event was promoted by Ralph Reed, a former head of the Christian Coalition. McCain’s campaign said the event was organized by the Republican National Committee , not Reed, who was linked to the Abramoff scandal that McCain investigated in the Senate.

McCain didn’t raise the issue during his 22-minute appearance. Instead, he thanked donors to the Republicans’ umbrella campaign fund.

“Everybody in this room could be someplace else,” the Arizona senator told the crowd of several hundred. “Everybody in this room could be donating to some other cause or to their own well-being. But I want to thank you.”

Reed was not seen inside the hotel ballroom; a McCain campaign spokeswoman said he did not attend.