Reed: Obama Need To Be More “Christ-Like,” Like Sarah Palin

For some reason, Ralph Reed still has a career in politics and a corresponding platform from which he can share his “expertise” about how President Obama really needs to be, in addition to a political leader, a Christian leader … kind of like Sarah Palin

Democrats would have had fewer losses on election Tuesday if President Obama had embraced a “Christ-like model of leadership,” says Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Reed, who used to run Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition, says a good leader is one who provides not just the “bread, but also the bread of life” for his constituents.

“Even if you bring the capital-gains tax down to zero,” create more jobs, and turn the economy around, he argues, Obama still needs to give an “eternal” set of values, such as opposing abortion and same-sex marriage.

So who would be a Christ-like GOP challenger to Obama in 2012? Reed says his friend, Sarah Palin.

Allow me to just point out, yet again, that Reed’s own political aspirations collapsed when it was revealed that he knowingly took large amounts of gambling money to dupe his erstwhile Religious Right associates into mobilizing on behalf of measures that benefited the gambling interests of Jack Abramoff’s clients … work which Reed proclaims “outstanding” and of which he remains “proud” to this day.