Random Book Blogging: Engle’s QuiverFull Army, Future President, And Pro-Life Man on the Supreme Court Mountain

A few months ago I ordered a book entitled “The Reformer’s Pledge” which consists of a bunch of essays written by people like Cindy Jacobs, Jim Garlow, Chuck Pierce, Lance Wallnau, C. Peter Wagner, and others.

Among the essays is one written by Lou Engle on “creating a culture of life” and I just want to highlight a few key passages … like the section where he urges Christians to have more children because they are being out-bred by Muslims and it will help in terms of winning elections:

With deep sadness and inward frustration, I see the encroaching Muslim movement bearing offspring with about an 8 percent growth rate in America, rolling in over the once Christianized nations of the West …

While the secular society is aborting their children, the Church imbibes the same humanistic lie that children are an inconvenience. We should obey the biblical culture plumb line that says “Children are a heritage of the lord … Happy is the man who have his quiver full of them” (PS. 127:4-5). Instead, we have adopted the lie that ta large number of children born into a family were a blessing only for our past agrarian society. Rather than limiting our children to one or two per family, we could have shot four to ten God-given arrows into the heart of the voting booth. If we had, today there would be no pro-abortion leaders or judges in our government. We would have voted them out before there ever was a Roe v. Wade.

Let me speak clearly to my fellow reformation-minded brothers, sisters, and Christian leaders. If you believe that the Church is to exercise dominion in the earth, then I challenge you to repent and proclaim the unrescinded biblical mandate: Be fruitful, multiply, and subdue the earth with godly offspring.

Elsewhere, Engle indicates that there is a young person within his army of spiritual warriors that he believes will one day become President:

I’m praying for a young man that I believe will be the President of the United States some day. If you heard his prophetic history, you would know why I have such faith. Believe me, he’s pro-life.

And finally I just want to take note of the section in which Engle explains how, after the 2004 election, he set up a House of Prayer in Washington DC to pray for control of the Supreme Court, which God gave them with the confirmation of John Roberts:

After the elections, we launched a House of Prayer with up to 70 young people praying day and night facing the Supreme Court building. A week before President George W. Bush was to appoint a Justice to replace William Rehnquist, one of our young women, knowing nothing, dreamed that a man named John Roberts would become the next Supreme Court Justice. Those kids prayed. Don’t you think they were baptized in confidence before God when the president nominated John Roberts for the position of Supreme Court Chief Justice?

We believe that through intensive, focused, day-and-night prayer and fasting, principalities and powers were shifted, and God got His pro-life man on the top of the Supreme Court Mountain.

That sounds pretty amazing … at least until you remember that Roberts had actually been nominated to replace Sandra Day O’Connor in July of 2005 but was tapped by Bush to replace Rehnquist after the Chief Justice passed away months later.

Can I point out that this man lived with Sam Brownback for seven months … and that Brownback is now the Governor of Kansas.