Randall Terry Takes His Show On The Road

Last week we mentioned that Randall Terry and his band of merry pranksters were heading out on the road for series of “kill granny/kill babies” healthcare reform protests.  Well, they are now underway:

Terry, 50, and his staffers readied their props: plastic toddler dolls, a trick knife, a Halloween syringe, a bottle of fake blood.

“We’re going to be executing babies,” he joked as the trio, trailed by another staffer with a camcorder, stepped out onto Salem Avenue in Roanoke toward Sen. Mark Warner’s downtown office.

Friday morning, at the entry to Warner’s offices, the activist displayed a sign that read: OBAMA DEATH CARE: One dead patient at a time.

“At the core of Obama’s health care policy is the murder of babies and the murder of the elderly,” he said. “If this bill passes and they expect us to pay … there will be horrific consequences to pay.”

The consequences, as he explained them, would be contempt for the government; vandalism; and acts of violence against those perceived to be involved with abortions, but he denied involvement with violent anti-abortionists.

“This is not a threat, it’s a warning,” he said, then told his troupe, “Let’s do skit one,” and began to stab at baby dolls with a plastic knife. Given a pale-handed “thumbs down” from a staffer in an Obama mask, he pretended to give a lethal injection to another employee who was costumed as a trembling elderly woman.

“You really can save money if you kill granny,” he said.

Those and other displays were performed twice before an audience of just three reporters, three cameras and the frosted-glass windows behind him.

Here are some pictures from Kentucky:

They also showed up in Tennessee where even teenagers found their antics to be offensive, juvenile, and misleading:

“I think this is a disgrace,” said 13-year-old Jontrez London of Nashville. “Obama’s trying to save people. He ain’t gonna try to kill an old lady.”

Another baby doll went flying and 14-year-old Malcolm Wells shook his head and sighed.

“These are adults acting like children,” he said.