Problems Staying on Message

If the Family Research Council intended its Values Voter Summit to be a demonstration of the persevering influence of the Religious Right on the Republican Party, the group can claim some success: “all 9 major Republican candidates” came to pander to the activists, as they have for most of the past year. And, despite the best efforts of Gary Bauer to cool the waters, some leaders still hold out their threat to bolt the party—and, we are to presume, sabotage the election—if fellow Republicans nominate Rudy Giuliani. “[T]his is not a bluff. If Giuliani is the nominee there will be a third party,” Richard Land told Newsweek this week.

So what in the world is an FRC senior fellow doing claiming that a totally different right-wing faction will “decide” the 2008 election?

Christopher Gacek, writing in the Politico, identifies “Lou Dobbs voters” as the critical bloc, the politics of whom

are still fluid, because neither party has moved to gain their support. The Democrats are too busy kowtowing to immigration interest groups as they look to import future voting blocs, and the Republicans are too beholden to big business globalists, trade ideologues and open-border libertarians.

If the CNN host is indeed their spokesman, we can probably pin them down as people worried about immigrants starting a leprosy epidemic, immigrants attempting to “reconquer” western states for Mexico, and of course, the secret plan to create a North American Union.