Prejean To Receive The Right’s Highest Honor

In just a matter of weeks, Carrie Prejean went from an utter unknown to a household name, stemming from her stated opposition to marriage equality when asked about during the Miss USA pageant.

Since then, she has become a darling of the Religious Right and the face of the anti-marriage equality movement.  But just as her star was climbing, it came crashing back down to earth when topless photos of her began surfacing, and now she is facing the possibility of being stripped of her title as Miss California:

Miss California Carrie Prejean could be stripped of her title after organisers say she breached her contract by keeping topless photos secret.

Apart from not being up front over the semi-nude pictures which appeared on an internet site, organisers of the Miss California USA pageant say Carrie Prejean also breached her contract by appearing unauthorised in commercials.

But just when things were starting to look grim, Prejean was awarded the highest honor any aspiring Religious Right activist could desire: a two-part interview with James Dobson

Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, said the Christian community should stand behind Miss California, even after a racy photo of her appearing in panties appeared on a gossip blog.

“In her moment of truth, standing on a national stage and defending marriage, that meant more for the cause of marriage than anything else,” he said.

Several conservative Christian groups praised Carrie Prejean for her voicing her opposition to same-sex marriage during the Miss USA pageant. After a racy photo of her was posted on the web, Prejean said her Christian faith was under attack and that the photo was taken while she was a teenager.

CitizenLink writes, “Daly pointed out that we are all sinners, saved by grace.”

“I think at this moment, we should stand behind Carrie,” he said. “The reality is we’re all fallen people, we’re all made in God’s image, and Jesus has come to set us free.”

Dobson will interview Prejean for a two-day broadcast starting Monday.

By comparison, Sarah Palin, the single most beloved figure in recent Religious Right history, only received one episode when she was interveiwed by Dobson last October.