Porter Calls for Prayer and Fasting to Stop Health Care Reform, Brownback Vows to “String This Thing Out”

Janet Porter was not involved in the Right Wing “prayercast” earlier this week, so she is issuing her own call to prayer and fasting to stop health care reform because “we are literally in a battle for our lives and our freedom”:

Faith2Action, founded by Janet (Folger) Porter, is today issuing a national call to prayer, fasting and action until Christmas Day.

The two reasons for this urgent call, one week before Christmas, are (1) the pending cloture vote in the U.S. Senate on government-run healthcare, and (2) the last-minute attempts to reach a global agreement as the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference comes to an end.

“Even though Christmas is less than a week away, we are literally in a battle for our lives and our freedom,” states Faith2Action President Janet Porter. “If the Senate votes to put the Government in control of our life-saving treatment options, we are all in grave danger. This lethal legislation includes abortion funding and the denial of treatment needed to save our lives. We are also in danger of surrendering our Sovereignty to global governance,” added Porter. “Please pray that God will intervene to block a treaty from being signed in Copenhagen that would sign away U.S. sovereignty and issue unprecedented taxes and control over our lives and businesses.

“Please join us for a time of prayer, fasting, and action all the way to Christmas–calling on our Senators to vote against Cloture on the government takeover of health care,” Porter added. “Please also pray that Senator Ben Nelson will continue to stand strong against forced funding of abortion on demand and vote against cloture which would bring the government-run healthcare bill to the floor for a vote. If he doesn’t, Americans would be forced to violate their consciences in funding abortions through their tax dollars for the first time in 30 years.

“All I want for Christmas is my life and my freedom. But it’s going to take prayer, fasting, and action to achieve that.” Porter emphasized.

And for good measure Sen. Sam Brownback, who was a featured participant in the “prayercast,” appeared on Porter’s radio program yesterday to discuss the Republican effort to stop health care reform, promising that they would do everything possible to “string this thing out” and make sure that this “monstrosity” does not pass and agreed with Porter when she declared that “our very lives are on the line”: