Pierce: Hurricane Irene Was God Sending Angels To Change Government

In 2010, C. Peter Wagner turned over control of Global Harvest Ministries to Chuck Pierce, who then founded Global Spheres to carry on Wagner’s work … like declaring that he prophesied that Hurricane Irene would hit Washington DC as a sign that He is sending angels to change our government:

While Paul Keith Davis was ministering at the Open Door Conference at the end of July, something happened! At one point in this message you could feel the angelic structure interact into this place. Then all of a sudden, Anne Tate leaned over to me and said, “There are four angels in the place with different scrolls.”

The Spirit of the Lord began to speak, “You will decree a release of one of those scrolls.” I stood up and said, “The Lord would say, ‘Watch Washington, D.C., for there will come upon the place a physical storm. This storm will be a sign. This sign is necessary and cannot be prevented. This physical storm will rest down and when the storm descends – the scroll for the government of this land will be unlocked.

‘I will unwind a structure that has gotten intertwined with the enemy’s plans. I will reinstitute law in this land that has been removed. I am sending angels in at My command based upon the revelation that is being spoken now, and from those angelic hosts, a land and its governments will be changed.'”