Phillips: Obama Didn’t Want To Kill Bin Laden

Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips is out with his latest conspiracy theory on Osama Bin Laden’s death: Obama opposed the raid on bin Laden’s compound but the military went through with it anyway. According to Phillips, who thinks that Obama isn’t a real American because a “real American” would’ve wrapped bin Laden’s body in pig fat, military and intelligence officers went behind Obama’s back to execute the mission. He says that Obama’s stern facial expression and serious demeanor in his address to the country shows that he was angry about the successful operation.

Of course, this contradicts Phillips’s previous claim that Obama only wanted to kill bin Laden to help his reelection campaign, but Phillips cites his source as a “story floating around the Internet” so this one must be true:

There is another story floating around the Internet that is very interesting and at this point very believable. The military, by and large does not like Obama. The story floating around says that the military put the operation on and only gave Obama forty-eight hours notice the operation was taking place. The Obama regime then spent the forty-eight hours prior to the raid trying to stop it from taking place.

The news story cites unnamed military sources. Ignoring the fact the military, especially the special operations community by and large despises Obama, are there clues this may be true?

The White House has released only one photo from the situation room and in that photo, no one looks really happy. If the propaganda from the regime were true, you would expect to see some jubilation or even relief when raid was over.

When Obama addressed the country, he did not look happy or even relived. He looked angry. Why would he be angry? Perhaps if the military went behind his back?

One of the most interesting stories that have come out of the raid is the fact that communications were blacked out from the Seals for about 25 minutes during the raid. Glitches occur but does anyone really believe the helmet cams all just went down at the same time?

What really happened the night Osama died? If any of these stories are true, and given the way the military and the intelligence community hates the current regime, the truth may well come out next year during the election. For Obama, it will probably come out at the worst possible time.

Seeing Osama dead, priceless. Seeing all of this coming back to bite Obama, epic!