PFAW to Americans for Limited Government: “What Are You Talking About?”

Last week, we released our latest Right Wing Watch In Focus entitled “Rise of the New McCarthyism: How Right Wing Extremists Try to Paralyze Government Through Ideological Smears and Baseless Attacks” which contained this one passage that mentioned Americans For Limited Government:

Among the most recent targets is presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett, a longtime associate of the president’s. A group calling itself Americans for Limited Government has launched a campaign against her, claiming that her role is “to enforce Barack Obama’s will inside and outside the Obama White House” and saying:

A radical leftist with a ruthless agenda, she is the Obama advisor most responsible both for originating and orchestrating his most egregious attempts to impose a socialist regime upon the American people.

But apparently that passing reference really chapped ALG’s hide, so the organization has now called us out

Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Bill Wilson today directly challenged People for the American Way Chair Lara Bergthold to substantiate her organization’s claims that ALG had engaged in a “McCarthy-era” attack against top advisor to Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, on the ALG website,

“We ask you to find one factual error on,” Wilson wrote in a letter to Bergthold. “Unlike the People for the American Way, whose website is riddled with inaccuracies, is meticulously researched. Perhaps the reason you don’t like it is because Ms. Jarrett is a radical who should have never achieved her position of power.”

Give us a break! We said in our report that ALG and others on the Right are behaving like Joseph McCarthy, “who frightened many Americans with charges that the government was infested with communist sympathizers.”  The fact that ALG declares that Jarrett is “responsible both for originating and orchestrating [Obama’s] most egregious attempts to impose a socialist regime upon the American people” is proof of our claim.  End of debate.