Personhood USA Wants To Shut Down Planned Parenthood Clinic Targeted By Violent Attack

We noted earlier this month that Personhood USA, the Colorado-based group that has unsuccessfully tried to pass a number of state-level anti-abortion “personhood” measures, is now going to try its hand at passing city-level measures banning all abortion … starting with Colorado Springs, the site of a deadly shooting by an anti-choice radical last year.

In a recent interview with the Colorado Independent, Personhood USA’s Jennifer Mason explains that she doesn’t see it as a problem that her group is focusing on Colorado Springs just as the Planned Parenthood that was the target of the shooting reopens. It “makes sense” politically to aim the effort at the conservative city, she said, adding that Planned Parenthood was only “compounding” the tragedy of the shooting by reopening. “People are tired of the violence,” she said.

“It makes sense to start [in the Springs], considering the number of churches and number of volunteers we’ve got there,” Mason tells the Independent. “When we’ve run statewide initiatives in the past, it’s always our biggest base of support.”

Mason acknowledges that wounds from the November shooting are still fresh. But she insists the latest initiative isn’t about pouring salt on the wound.

“It’s a better time than ever considering the shooting was so tragic and now [Planned Parenthood is] compounding that by continuing to kill people there,” she says. “I think that really most people are tired of the violence — both from alleged crazy people and violence that’s perpetrated by the abortion providers who brutally murder babies.”

Mason similarly equated the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood with the man who killed three people there in a statement released during the armed standoff at the clinic:

Personhood USA absolutely opposes all abortion-related violence, against born and unborn people. That said, the media is failing to report that innocent babies are killed in that very building every day that they are in business. Please join me in praying that the people inside, along with the babies in their mothers’ wombs, are released safely.