Perry’s Office Says Fischer’s Bigotry Has Nothing To Do With His Prayer Rally

Yesterday we noted that Bryan Fischer was getting angry that people were linking his unrelenting bigotry to Gov. Rick Perry’s upcoming prayer rally because the American Family Association is playing in lead role in sponsoring the event.

In trying to defend himself, Fischer ended up going off on a rant about how gays were responsible for the Nazi Party and essentially proving the very point he was trying to refute.

So Mary Tuma of the Texas Independent contacted Perry’s office to see what they had to say about this … and once again Perry’s office stood with the AFA and claimed that Fischer’s bigotry in no way reflects upon the prayer rally Perry is organizing with the group:

When asked if Perry agrees with Fischer’s statements, spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said, “Governor Perry is looking forward to the event. AFA is an organization that promotes safe and strong families. These controversies aren’t relevant to the event, Governor Perry is focused on what he is trying to accomplish, which is bringing America together in prayer for the nation.”

Asked again if Perry agrees with Fischer, she said, “This event is about prayer focused on bringing America together for challenges faced, these comments don’t have anything to do with this event.”

She added, “[Perry] is very clear with his faith. His priority with this event is bringing people together.”

She also said, “Those statements and other controversial statements made have nothing to do with what the Governor is trying to promote.”