Perry Rally Host Don Wildmon Says Liberals “Hate Christians”

Don Wildmon, the president of the American Family Association and the official host of Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally, said onTruth that Transforms radio program that liberals “hate Christians.” He told Jerry Newcomb of Truth in Action ministries (formerly Coral Ridge Ministries) that the Religious Right needs to use the Internet to disseminate their message or else they will “hand it over” to the left and the “homosexual agenda.” Wildmon’s views are right in line with those of AFA’s spokesman, Bryan Fischer, who has declared that “liberals hate God, liberals hate religion, liberals hate faith, liberals hate Christianity.”

Wildmon was speaking to Newcomb to promote his book Speechless: Silencing Christians, about how “homosecularists” are using the “(made up) bullying problem” to impose the “homosexual indoctrination of children” and hate crime laws to outlaw Christian preaching.

And not turn this tool over to the liberals who really, and I know I’m using this word, who hate Christians…. Hollywood hates Christians. The only thing standing between, let’s just say the homosexual movement, homosexual marriage and the whole homosexual agenda, is the church. And not just the whole church but the evangelical dedicated Christians, and they are hated by the liberal-left because we stand in way, we stand in the way, of their achieving of what it is they want to achieve.