Peroutka: America Turning Into Haiti By Disobeying God’s Laws

Steve Deace recently went on a mission trip to Haiti, which he discussed on his radio show today with Michael Peroutka, a white supremacist who heads the Institute On The Constitution. Peroutka took the opportunity to warn Deace that the US may soon look a lot like Haiti because the government has “abandoned” biblical law.

“I believe what you saw in Haiti was the result of decades of generations of men believing that they can do it their own way, do it without adherence to the way God made the world and so that has consequences,” Peroutka told Deace. “I guess the final point is, the dangerous thing is that in America today that’s where we are heading, we are heading toward Haiti, we are heading toward that kind of view of the world.”

Peroutka, is a member of the white nationalist League of the South, told Deace that “it’s not an accident or a mistake, it is being driven that way by those in government who have abandoned — and we as a culture — have abandoned this real view of the world.” Deace added that Detroit “has all the parameters in place to become like that.”