Penny Nance Hopeful That Jeff Sessions Will Go After ‘Nefarious’ Planned Parenthood

Concerned Women for America’s Penny Nance has been pushing hard for the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be attorney general, including sending emails to her group’s members and writing a USA Today column defending Sessions’ vote against a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. (CWA was a leading advocate against the VAWA reauthorization, in part because it created “new protections for homosexuals.”)

In an interview with CWA Iowa state director Tamara Scott earlier this week, Nance said that she was hopeful that if he becomes attorney general, Sessions will use the power of the Justice Department to go after the “nefarious” Planned Parenthood.

Discussing the recently issued final report of the House committee investigating bogus “baby body parts” claims against Planned Parenthood, which Rewire reported was packed with “regurgitated claims about Planned Parenthood, fetal tissue research, and abortion care,”  Nance said that the “next step” in the Planned Parenthood investigation “will be a new Department of Justice.”

“And believe you me,” she said, “I believe that Jeff Sessions understands what’s at stake here and understands how nefarious Planned Parenthood has become.”