Pawlenty Joins FRC’s Watchmen to Fight Pawns of Satan

Lately I have started regularly posting the regular updates sent out by the Family Research Council’s “Prayer Team” because they provide insights into what the Religious Right’s priorities are at any given moment.  And this “Prayer Team” is actually part of a series of ways that FRC targets pastors for political involvement, even going so far as to provide sample sermons for them to use on Sundays.

But the main way FRC seeks to mobilize pastors is through its Watchmen on the Wall events where they learn to be just like John the Baptist and Martin Luther King, Jr. as they work to save our nation because “the problems we face are not just political in nature, they are spiritual in nature. Consequently, these problems ultimately require a spiritual solution administered by spiritual leadership.”

In addition to the main Watchmen conference held in Washington, DC every year, FRC also holds smaller conferences around the country … like the one on Monday that will be held in Minnesota featuring Gov. Tim Pawlenty:

Please encourage your pastor to join Tony Perkins, Governor Tim Pawlenty, and other pastors from across Minnesota next Monday, September 27th for Watchmen on the Wall 2010, a regional event sponsored by Family Research Council and Minnesota Family Institute. The year 2010 could be a turning point in the life of our nation, and we need pastors to lead in defending human life, traditional marriage, and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Among the other speakers will be Dr. Kenyn Cureton, FRC’s Vice President for Church Ministries, who, as Rob Boston of Americans United recently reported, spoke during a breakout session at last week’s Values Voter Summit where he declared that those who do not support FRC’s agenda are pawns of Satan:

Are you an agent of Satan?

Kenyn Cureton is worried that you might be. Cureton is vice president for church ministries for the Family Research Council. During the FRC’s recent “Values Voter Summit,” he warned attendees at a breakout session on churches and politics to be ready for some intense action.

“The battle that we’re fighting,” he said, “is not just a political and cultural battle, it’s a spiritual battle.”

And when a battle is spiritual, you can be sure that some people are serving the wrong side.

“When you think about it, you know, the real enemy is not the poor, deluded souls who are advancing these evil agendas,” Cureton said. “Really, they’re just simply pawns in the hands of their malevolent master. They’re simply doing the bidding of the devil, OK?”