Paula White Asks God to Override ‘Will of Man’ and Keep Trump in Office; Her Son Urges God to Bring ‘Rage’ and ‘Fury’ Against Those Who Resist Him 

White House aide Paula White prayed for God to overcome satanic resistance to Trump's reelection at a Nov. 5, 2020 prayer service.

Trump spiritual adviser and campaign surrogate Paula White hosted a second post-election prayer service Thursday night, during which she once again declared God’s intention to put President Donald Trump back in the White House and denounced the demonic forces she said are trying to derail God’s plans and Trump’s reelection. As on Wednesday, she was joined by her son Brad Knight.

“God has already settled his mind” about the election, White said. “We will override any will of man over the mind of God.”

White explained that “the Lord has already made his decision” but that there is a “spiritual battle” going on. She said that she was going to lead people in spiritual warfare to overturn “every evil wickedness” that was coming “against this nation and beyond this nation, what this nation is assigned to, what this nation has to carry forth with the gospel of Jesus Christ, with the prosperity of other nations, with the alignment of the church.”

“You said you will mow down the wickedness,” White prayed, adding:

So right now, every agenda that is being pushed, that can affect the release of a premature, satanic alignment that you do not desire, we break it right now. We override it right now. We override it, we overturn it, we overturn it right now, and it will be no more, it will be no more because it is our right by the blood of Jesus, and you will give it to us.

So, we call right now upon the heavens, we call upon angelic reinforcements, we command angels to be released at the command of your word right now. And we push back every agenda that would release a premature satanic agenda, in the name of Jesus. Anything that would be of an Antichrist spirit, we break it right now in the name of Jesus, every Antichrist spirit, we break it right now, every Antichrist agenda that is being pushed, we break it, we override it, we overturn it, we overturn it, we overturn it in the name of Jesus right now. God, we just declare that you will keep the feet of POTUS in his purpose in his position right now. We stop, and we override the will of man for the will of God, we override the will of man for the will of God, we override the will of man for the will of God.

Knight called for God to bring his “wrath” and “fury” on those who reject him and his chosen “king”:

Those who rise up against the destiny of your people, those who rise up against the purpose of your will, those who rise up against the freedom of your church, those who rise up against the proclamation of your word …  I thank you that you hold them in derision. For you say, ‘What do they have that I have not made?’

Speak to them in your wrath, God, and terrify them in your fury. God, those who reject you, God, those with even the extension of mercy, God, refuse to submit their flesh because they love whatever they love too much, God, now’s the moment for your wrath. Now’s the moment for your fury. We know that you’re a God of mercy, but you’ll give us what we asked for. And God, let not your children who worship you and sing praises to you and know you, God, let us not suffer in this country and across the world because of the will of the wicked.

Laugh at them, God, deride them, God.

God, you have a chosen King on ion, your holy hill. You have a chosen king. Set them up now and settle every matter in the spirit realm that would prevent the kings of your courts, the kings that you’ve chosen, the kings of your nations, the kings of your church, the kings of your families, God, every king that you have assigned, God, appoint them now. And every accusation that has been risen against that purpose, God, we silence it by the blood of the Lamb, the intercessions of Christ. We thank you that his righteousness speaks for us, and it silences every decree against us.

Knight, who declared himself God’s “David” on Wednesday night, upped the ante on Thursday, saying that God had told him, “You are my son. Today I have begotten you.” Knight followed that declaration by asking God to “make the nations our heritage”:

I will tell a decree the Lord has said to me, “You are my son. Today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will make the nations of your heritage.” God, we ask of you now. We ask of you now, God, made the nations our heritage. Make the nations Paula White Cain and Jonathan Cain’s heritage, God. Make the nation our bloodline’s heritage, God, not just us but everybody in this room. Make the nation’s Michael’s heritage, God, and God, make the nation’s America’s heritage.

Knight reminded God that Trump had moved the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem to Israel, and that since the U.S. is an “extension of Israel,” it “moves God’s heart” to protect the U.S. from “the dragons of the East” and other threats rising against both Israel and the United States. He continued:

Make the ends of the Earth our possession, God.

God, everyone who has risen against us, everyone who mocks us, everyone who has power, everyone who thinks they have victory because they’ve plotted, every will even within the church, people in authority, God, people who you’ve mantled, God, if their will is not aligned with you, God, break it, God. Don’t even hear their prayers and nullify their cries. You say you do that, God. God, hear the cries of the righteous alone in this moment, this prophetic time, God, and break them with a rod of iron. Dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

God, let our kings be wise. God, let this prophetic moment be a warning to the rulers of the Earth. Let them see and have to reckon with the fact that this wasn’t the natural course of man but was the divine course of God. And let them repent, serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. God, where there was animosity, let them kiss the son, and God, where there could be anger and perishment, God, let there be refuge in what you are doing in this nation, in Jesus’ mighty name.