Paul Nehlen Is Back On Twitter And As Anti-Semitic As Ever

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Paul Nehlen, a vitriolic anti-Semitic white nationalist running to replace Speaker Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, appears to have found his way back onto Twitter, in spite of being permanently suspended,  to provide an update to his dead-in-the-water campaign.

On Monday, an account that seems to be operated by Nehlen, judging by the tone of the posts, the frequent links to official campaign press releases and the similarities to messages posted to the still-active Nehlen campaign Facebook page, posted that there was “a lot to catch up on.” A user with the handle “Nehlen1589” began to offload the same unhinged anti-Semitism we’ve seen since Nehlen flew off the rails late last year. The account name features two numbers one digit off of “14” and “88,” which are infamous white supremacist tropes standing for the “14 Words” slogan and the phrase “Heil Hitler.”

In the rant, the user who appears to be Nehlen uses asterisks to star-out words, which, given the context in which they are used and the tone of Nehlen’s past rants, are meant to convey the word “Jew” or “Jews.” He starts off by writing that he “was wrong to ever trust” a Jew and that “we will never make that mistake again,” referring to the fact that his campaign spokesman admitted to being Jewish.

Later on in the thread, the user appearing to be Nehlen lambasted the “movement” for being a “scene” before telling readers that it’s on them to “publicly disavow the degenerate” inside of them.

Media Matters researcher Natalie Martinez pointed out that the account Nehlen now appears to be using has been recently renamed, which makes it appear as if Nehlen was staying active online using an account that impersonated a woman: