Paul Nehlen Helps Kick Off ‘Cerno News’ By Attacking Undocumented Immigrants

Paul Nehlen, a Republican businessman who attempted to unseat Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in 2016 and is aiming to try again in 2018, appeared on the new “Cerno News” political talk show yesterday to share his belief that undocumented immigrants shielded by DACA need to “go back to Mexico and make Mexico great for once.”

Infowars guest host and right-wing internet personality Mike Cernovich launched his “Cerno News” livestream political talk show this week, which is hosted by anti-Hillary Clinton Photoshopper and conspiracy theorist Devon Stack.

During yesterday’s broadcast of “Cerno News,” Nehlen shared his reaction to the Trump administration’s repeal of DACA, which protects nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation, with Stack and Cerovich Media writer Andrew Meyer.

“They need to go back to Mexico and make Mexico great for once. I’m not of the opinion that we owe them anything. We don’t owe them anything. We don’t owe any Mexican citizens anything in this country,” Nehlen said.

Later in the appearance, Nehlen said he joined religious leaders at a town hall event to pray that congressional leaders would “do the right thing for America” and “relocate” undocumented immigrants to their countries of origin.

“Mexico’s a great country. There’s a great culture down there, but I don’t want it here in the United States. I want it to be in Mexico,” Nehlen said. “I want Mexico to be in Mexico.”

With a sarcastic tone, Meyer told Nehlen that he “had to be careful” saying nice things about Mexico because it makes it hard for his opponents to “smear” him “as a kind of racist.”

Nehlen’s appearance on “Cerno News” is not particularly surprising, given his history of pandering to far-right alternative media. Nehlen has previously appeared on conspiracy theory radio outlet Infowars and on alt-right blogger Stefan Molyneux’s broadcast, and has courted alt-right figureheads such as Ann Coulter.