Paul McGuire: ‘Trump Must Be Doing Something That God Wants Because The Entire World System Is Opposing Him’

On Friday, End Times author Paul McGuire appeared on Rick Wiles’ “TruNews” program to promote his new book, “Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon.” During the broadcast, McGuire argued that since President Trump is being relentlessly attacked by the Luciferian globalists, it must be proof that he has been chosen by God.

McGuire asserted that “the very fact that Trump is opposed worldwide by the mass media, by the international banking families, by the globalist elite on every level” is proof that Trump is doing God’s work.

Trump is being “psychologically assassinated” by the media, he said. “CNN is a whore. It’s not journalism, it’s not even reality TV; it’s whoredom, it is spewing forth lie after lie. They don’t even blush when they lie, they’re a lying machine. And the Washington Post—for crying out loud, the Washington Post has sold itself to the lowest bidder as hookers in Times Square in New York.”

McGuire said that late night comedians attack Trump in order to appeal to “idiots” while witches are cursing him because they “get the fact that Trump is being used by God.”

“What should that tell us?” he asked. “If this man is under assault by everything evil and everything that is against the United States [it means that] Trump is being attacked because he is the only one who is a threat to the Luciferian system. … If the witches are united against Trump, if the globalist elite that are deeply involved in Satanism and the occult and Luciferianism are against Trump, if every manner of evil is against Trump, you would think that the little light bulb would come on it people’s brains and they would say, ‘Gee, Trump must be doing something that God wants because the entire world system is opposing him.'”