Paul McGuire: America Is Controlled By A ‘Hidden Network Of Practicing Pedophiles’

Paul McGuire, author of the book “Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon,” appeared recently on the “Prophecy In The News” program where he asserted that the United States government is controlled by a massive secret network of Satanic “practicing pedophiles.”

“The reality is in America, we do have a hidden, invisible shadow government,” McGuire said. “It’s true and there is a trail of verifiable, impeccable evidence that proves it’s true.”

McGuire said that the media is “fake news because they’re not talking about the single most important story in America right now and for the last thirty years and that is simply this: At the very highest levels of government, culture, entertainment, media, politics—both in the United States and Europe—there currently exists and has existed for at least 30 or 40 years at a very high level, a largely hidden network of practicing pedophiles.”

“I would be failing as an American citizen … and as a Christian,” McGuire insisted, “if I didn’t tell you this. But there are high-level people who belong to a satanic network, they’re practicing satanists and one of the things that they’re into—and I’m sorry to say this, I don’t even want to talk about this … They abuse children emotionally, psychologically and very brutally, sadistically, including murder, in their sexual rape and torture and mutilation of these young children.”

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