Paul Begley: The Deep State Wants To Remove Trump And Place Christians In Internment Camps

End Times pastor Paul Begley appeared on “The Hagmann Report” on Tuesday night, where he warned that the “deep state” is trying to remove President Trump so that it can round up conservative Christians and place them in internment camps.

Co-host Joe Hagmann asked Begley about a 2010 Army report on “Internment and Resettlement Operations,” claiming that Begley had been asked to play a role in leading civilians into internment camps and warning that plans are in place to carry out mass internment once Trump can be removed from office.

“These plans are all in place,” Hagmann said. “They have been on the books for years now and I think what we are seeing is the deep state is so worried they are in emergency mode working against President Trump, working against the American people, that they’re going to do anything they can to get Trump knocked off and delegitimatized. But as soon as whatever that flashpoint event [is] happens, they’ve got everything in place.”

Begley agreed, saying that he received a miraculous vision in 1994 in which he saw “Christians and patriots and veterans and conservatives” being placed in train cars and buses as they were shipped off “to places they were calling internment camps.”

“It is all about gearing up against Christians, against conservatives, against those that are standing for America,” he added. “And the deep state has this plan. It has been in place quite a while, they’ve trained and trained … The shackles are there. I’m serious. So they are trying to take Trump out.”

Begley said that freedom in America is “under siege” and that those who are attacking Trump “are just the mouthpiece of the beast.”