Pat Robertson’s Bible-Based Foreign Policy Expertise

On the Wednesday edition of “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson unveiled a bold plan for solving the crisis in Iraq: hand it over to Syria.

Robertson said he had reservations all along about the war in Iraq and is now offering his solution based on the Bible.  Quoting the Book of Isaiah, Robertson says that Bible proclaims that there will be peace between Israel, Egypt and Assyria (“Assyria” being the new country formed by combining Syria and Iraq.)  

Now how about this as a solution?  … Why not, if George Bush wants to get clever, why not go to the Syrians and say ‘OK, Mr. Assad, we’re going to work out a merger between Syria and Iraq. The only requirement is that you make peace down here with Israel, that you get your hands off Lebanon, don’t try to interfere the affairs of Lebanon.  And in the process, you’re going to have access to these huge oil fields in the north and in the south [of Iraq].  And to the Iraqis, you’re going to have a port on the Mediterranean that you don’t have, and you will have a big territory … This could isolate Iran.  

[Syria] is a more secular regime, which is what they need over here [in Iraq], they don’t need these religious strifes.   Now that could be created – you go to Syria, you talk to these people and say ‘we want to see a merger here.’ It would be a win-win for all sides.  It would also be in accordance with the Bible.

Robertson says “Iraq is not a prize we want to hold on to” and says his plan offers a way out, so long as everyone makes peace with Israel.  But as for the so-called “road map” and the prospect of a “nation of Palestine,” Robertson says it “does not accord with anything in the Bible” and that President Bush is “fighting scripture on that one.”

Robertson concludes by claiming that that if President Bush were to follow his plan, “he’d be in accordance with what the Bible says and God would bless it.”


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