Pat Robertson: Polls ‘Have Been Skewed’ Against Trump

Last weekend, televangelist Pat Robertson hosted a rally for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump at his Regent University, where he emphatically placed his bets on Trump winning the election. On his “The 700 Club” program today, Robertson explained that the polls showing Trump trailing Hillary Clinton have been “skewed.”

“These polls have been skewed,” he said, echoing the conspiracy theory that’s been promoted by Trump himself.

Robertson, who apparently has his finger on the pulse of black, young and union voters, said that the three groups are either hostile to or apathetic about Clinton, giving Trump an advantage.

“The enthusiasm for the Trump people seems to be overwhelming,” he added. “Everywhere you go, it’s just unreal.”

Evangelical voters, he said, are “going to be the margin of victory” in November and deliver the election to Trump.

Robertson’s political prognostications, however, are not always accurate.