Pat Robertson: Maybe British People ‘Want To Die’

Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson interviewed Christian Broadcasting Network reporter Dale Hurd about the recent terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom.

Hurd speculated that “someone at a higher level in the British government is stopping enforcement” of anti-terrorism laws, which prompted Robertson to wonder if there is “a plot of some kind” to aid terrorists.

The two then went after the left for supposedly being soft on Islam and immigration.

“The left talks as if more people are going to have to die before something’s done, because political correctness is so important to them—it’s a core faith for them,” Hurd said.

Political correctness, Hurd added, has led to “a veneration of Islam. This barbaric religion, the left views as better than western civilization because there is so much self-hatred of the West. The West now, in Britain and in Europe, is a hollowed-out tree. There’s no vigor in it. It’s as if they want to hand over their society to barbarians from Asia.”

“So this is really a death wish?” Robertson asked.

“Yes, exactly,” Hurd responded.

Robertson skewered British society for supposedly wanting to die: “Ladies and gentlemen, you can’t keep somebody from wanting to die. You can help them get better, but if they want to die, it’s really hard. And if the Brits and other people in Western Europe want to die, if they figure that society has come to its end and they want to end it, well, Islam is certainly providing them a way to do it.”