Pat Robertson: ‘Brilliant’ Ben Carson Is More Qualified Than Obama And ‘Bum’ Bernie Sanders

Televangelist Pat Robertson took issue today with criticism of Ben Carson’s appointment to be the next secretary of housing and urban development, insisting that Democrats shouldn’t attack Carson on the issue because, he claimed, neither President Obama nor Sen. Bernie Sanders had any experience before they ran for president.

When asked last month what qualifies him to lead the department, Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, cited the fact he grew up in a city and as a doctor saw patients from cities. His own chief spokesman said that the one-time GOP presidential candidate initially declined to run any federal agency because he felt like he didn’t have any governmental experience.

Responding to a statement on Carson’s nomination from incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Robertson said that Obama was unqualified to be president since he “never held a job in the private sector,” “learned his organizing skills from a well-known radical who had a handbook for revolutionaries,” and “did next to nothing” in the U.S. Senate. He lashed out as Sanders as “a bum” who never worked outside of government.

Carson, on the other hand, is “brilliant” and “well qualified,” Robertson said, arguing that HUD mainly just lends out money and “you don’t have to micromanage that one.”

Robertson praised Carson throughout his presidential bid and Carson keynoted Robertson’s birthday bash in Washington, D.C.