Pat Robertson: Black Families Were Better Off In The 1930s

On today’s episode of “The 700 Club,” after telling Wellington Boone that Martin Luther King Jr. was helping Planned Parenthood commit black genocide, Pat Robertson insisted that black families were better off in the 1930s, decades before the Civil Rights Movement succeeded in changing discriminatory laws.

“The world is looking at black America and they’re saying, ‘What are these people doing to themselves?'” Boone said. “We don’t get it.”

Robertson asked why black families have supposedly collapsed since the 1930s: “It used to be, like in the ’30s, that blacks were self-sustaining, they had wonderful families, they had homeownership, they were in business, what happened over those years?”

According to Boone, the answer is that black people in America started depending on sources like the government for support, rather than God.