Pat on Northwest Floods: I Warned You

On Monday’s “700 Club,” the show looked at the devastating storms that have wracked the Pacific Northwest, and recalled Pat Robertson’s warnings on the show from 2006. After a private retreat, Robertson announced (on the January 5, 2006 “700 Club”) what he said God had told him about the coming year. Perhaps inspired by Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami that hit Indonesia, Robertson listed off all kinds of natural disasters: “earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, the coasts will be lashed by storms and disasters …” Robertson called it “the birth pangs of a more glorious order.”

Of course, it’s 2007 now, not 2006, but nobody’s perfect. Watch:

What else did Robertson predict for 2006? A “successful conclusion” to the Iraq war, “inconclusive” midterm elections, the confirmation of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court and the retirement of a “liberal” justice, and a strengthening of Bush’s and the Republican Party’s power in Washington. Well, Alito was confirmed, anyway.

Robertson also made his retreat at the beginning of this year, and while 2007 is almost over, there are still a couple weeks left for what Robertson said God had in store for us:

I don’t know if it’ll be in the fall or September or later on, but it’ll be the second half somehow of 2007.  There will be some very serious terrorist attacks.  The evil people will come after this country and there’s a possibility – not a possibility, a definite certainty – that chaos is going to rule.  And the Lord said the politicians will not have any solutions for it.  There’s just going to be chaos.  … It’s going to happen.  I’m not saying necessarily nuclear, the Lord didn’t say nuclear, but I do believe it’ll be something like that, that’ll be a mass killing – possibly millions of people, major cities injured.  I hope I’m wrong and I hope people will pray and that won’t happen, but nevertheless that seems to be what’s coming up.  And then the Lord said he will restrain the evil people, but he will not restrain them necessarily initially.  And, you know, He doesn’t have to restrain people.

More specifically, Robertson warned that “their targets are New York, Washington, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles.”

UPDATE: On Wednesday’s show, the weather-obsessed Robertson responded to recent ice storms by suggesting it might be God’s punishment for hosting talks between Israelis and Palestinians: