Pat Boone Welcomes The Coming Nightmare

Pat Boone lays out what he and his ideological allies can expect to endure during the forthcoming Obama administration: 

In a terrible pincer movement, an assault is taking place on two fronts simultaneously – one all-out attack on the foundations, the very pillars of our society, and the other on the executive suites in the ivory towers of business and finance. The jihadists in these organized, hugely funded attacks on our morality and virtue are not Middle Eastern – they’re homegrown Americans who actually believe they’re promoting a better America by destroying the foundations on which this nation was built!

Recall that George Washington declared, “Religion and morality are the twin pillars of liberty” … two foundational supports.

Well, on one front, our jihadists would grant homosexual activity “marriage rights,” which outweigh the will of the majority and defy the societal structuring of all human history. And they believe that destroying babies in the womb is a woman’s “right” – oblivious to the divinely and constitutionally ordained rights of the unborn American citizen. What if one of those had been Obama?

On the second front, leftist political genetic engineers are moving into power, taking advantage of immoral and irresponsible greed in the economy to socialize industry and finance, and make Big Brother government everybody’s boss and banker.

That all sounds rather terrifying, but rest assured that Boone is not only unafraid, he’s actually welcoming it because the slavery, tyranny, and sheer misery we are all about to endure will eventually lead this nation back to God:

But yes, I’m thankful. We the people are getting what we deserve and what we need. Like the people of Israel long ago, we’ve got the king we demanded, and now we’ll experience the benign slavery that comes with a king. At some point down the road, we’ll wake up, shake ourselves and again throw off governmental tyranny, this time self-imposed. At least, that’s my prayer. The kingdom we’re getting can be rejected, if we bring God and morality back into our national life. I’m thankful that His kingdom is still available to us.