Pat Boone All-American Meats Is a Real Thing

Have you ever thought “gee, I sure wish I could buy some mail-order meat from Pat Boone and have some of the proceeds go to support the Religious Right”?

Well, you are in luck:

Iconic 1950s clean-cut crooner Pat Boone has partnered with an Oklahoma businessman to launch a mail-order steak business that will benefit conservative Christian causes.

Pat Boone All-American Meats will compete with Omaha Steaks and expects to appeal to Christian, conservative women over age 55.

Half of Boone’s royalties will go to nonprofit organizations — including Mercy Corps, the hunger relief program Boone and Christian community members started in his home. The business also will partner with other groups, including Focus on the Family and the Parents Television Council. About 5 percent of sales will go combat world hunger.

Pat Boone All-American Meats: A Taste Of What Makes Us Great.