Parsley Group, Fearing Protections for Gays, Dreams of President-for-Life

Anti-gay groups cheered when President Bush (apparently) promised to veto hate-crimes protections for gays and lesbians, but the Center for Moral Clarity – the political arm of “Patriot Pastor” Rod Parsley – warns activists not to rest, because “[u]nfortunately,” Bush won’t hold the office “forever.”

Restating the false claim that the hate-crimes bill – which targets violent crimes – would somehow impede religious expression, the Center urges its supporters to continue pressuring Congress, and to oppose presidential candidates who lack a “biblical worldview.”

Unfortunately, George W. won’t be president forever. The next person occupying the Oval Office might be willing – maybe even eager – to criminalize our thoughts.

Christians who want to continue speaking the Gospel’s truth without fear of arrest and prosecution should not be content to let the probability of a presidential veto become the resolution. Christians need to understand that a person’s worldview influences his or her views on public policy and law making; they can’t be divorced. A president without a biblical worldview will feel no compulsion to protect evangelism.