Parker Blames “Sexual Promiscuity” For Poverty, Government Spending, All Social Problems

In an appearance on Family Life radio on Sunday, Star Parker argued that all of America’s ills, from excessive government spending to deep-rooted poverty, are a result of “sexual promiscuity” and “immorality.” Parker, who wrote in a column this week that America “can’t divorce our sexual promiscuity from our fiscal promiscuity,” told Family Life said that “sexual irresponsibility and immorality” led to “the top three social crises confronting us as a nation today,” which she said are “AIDS, abortion, and the entire welfare state.” Only by reducing our “sexual energy,” Parker claims, can we produce “economic health as well as moral health”:

Parker went on to say that the politicians who represent poor communities are like “tyrants” who “sell a lie,” keeping people in poverty. According to Parker, “the redistribution of wealth” is “inconsistent” with Scripture and the country’s values: