Pamela Geller Predicts ‘No-Go Zones’ In United States In 10 Years

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller told a Christian talk radio station that while she was unaware of any places where Sharia law is being carried out in the United States, she believed the country would have such places in the next ten years.

Geller appeared on “Priority Talk with Greg Davis,” a Christian radio talk show in Alabama, last week to promote her new book, “FATWA: Hunted in America.” After Geller pitched her book, Davis asked her about mythical no-go zones in Europe and whether they exist in the United States.

Geller responded that there are not “no-go zones” in the United States but that such areas are “very real in Europe and in the UK” and warned that the United States is “not as far along, but you will see areas, like particularly in Michigan, that you will begin to see turn.”

“Muslim immigration is tied directly to Islamic terror. If there’s no Muslim immigration, you would not have Islamic terror. The more Muslim immigration, the more Islamic terror you have, and the more of the Muslim zones—these no-go zones,” Geller said. “Europe is a cautionary tale.”

Davis asked Geller how far behind Europe she believed the United States was, in terms of having no-go zones.

“I would have said, before Obama, a generation. Obama expedited things to such a point that I would say 10 years. Perhaps Donald Trump will set back that clock,” Geller responded.