Pamela Geller Hits “Pro-Jihad” Obama…for Trying to Stop Iran from Benefiting from Higher Oil Prices

In another edition of why no one should take Pamela Geller seriously, the far-right columnist today claimed that “our pro-jihad president” is bolstering the creation of an Islamic “universal caliphate” and trying to destroy America from within. According to the Associated Press, the Obama administration yesterday targeted two leading Iranian officials with sanctions and is working with Congress on placing sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank that would mitigate “unintended consequences,” including increasing the price of oil that would end up boosting “the value of Iranian oil sales.” For Geller, the administration’s attempt to make sure that the sanctions don’t end up helping Iran while destabilizing world markets proves that President Obama is “pro-Iran” and is intent on pursuing an “anti-American agenda,” contending, “The United States under Barack Obama is like Secretariat being ridden by Rosie O’Donnell”:

From Egypt to Libya, Tunisia to Morocco, the story is the same: Pro-Shariah Islamic supremacists are taking power. But most of all, this is the story of the failure of Obama as president. This development has been obvious for years. Obama was given a golden opportunity when the Iranian people begged for his help. Instead, he backed the murdering mullahs.

Still, there is hope. That is made clear by this latest struggle by our pro-jihad president and the majority of pro-freedom patriots in the Congress. The Washington Post reported Friday that “Republicans and Democrats determined to look tough on Iran and avoid any election-year challenges to their pro-Israel bona fides are rebuffing Obama administration pleas to ease proposed sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank.”

Why would Obama want to ease sanctions on Iran? He sounds mentally ill. Or he wants a universal caliphate.

Compare the revolutions under Bush: the Rose Revolution, the Cedars Revolution and all true freedom revolutions to remove the shackles of oppression, subjugation and persecution. Conversely, the revolutions across the world during the Obama rout are all Islamic supremacist movements. And he sanctions them all except the only one that was truly a freedom movement – Iran’s freedom revolution.

Obama’s assault on our allies and support for freedom’s enemies is so egregious that he has managed to unite the Congress. Despite Obama’s pleas to go soft on a nuclear Iran, Republicans and Democrats are going ahead with sanctions that would target foreign banks that do business with Iran’s Central Bank.

The congressional rebuff to our pro-Iran president best illustrates the importance of securing a super majority in the Congress, and why we must win the Senate in 2012.

In the disastrous event of an Obama win (certainly made possible by voluntary state-run media and his goon armies ACORN, SEIU, the George Soros-funded propaganda machine, et al.) the Congress will be the only thing that stands between us and the destruction of the greatest, freest nation in the history of man.

Be prepared for more Obama ugliness. A billion-dollar marketing campaign of ugliness coupled with an activist media deceiving the American public to advance their uber-left anti-American agenda, the re-election of Obama. We are entering what is certain to be an incomprehensibly ugly year, full of the politics of destruction – courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

And when it comes to Iran, pray for Israel at this critical time. It’s all on them. The United States under Barack Obama is like Secretariat being ridden by Rosie O’Donnell. A tremendous machine under the control of a destructive malcontent. Disaster. And the worst is yet to come.