Palin Gets Heat for Supreme Court Pick

Earlier this month we noted that Gov. Sarah Palin was facing a bit of a dilemma rooted in the fact that her state had a  “Missouri Plan”-like structure for appointing state Supreme Court justices. Palin was required to choose the justice from a set list of candidates, none of whom fully reflected her views. Palin had two candidates to choose from, and she ended up naming the one opposed by the right-wing Alaska Family Council.

The decision has not generated much coverage or engendered much controversy – but that doesn’t mean that the Religious Right did not notice it.  As the Washington Times reports, the Right is not happy with her decision and just might be beginning to rethink its love affair with her due to her unwillingness to “stand up and fight,” with Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America saying it has “caused many of us to take a step back:”

Some conservatives have suggested Mrs. Palin should have rejected both candidates by sending them back to the panel. Former Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski employed a similar tactic to protest previous judicial candidates, but was unsuccessful in getting the panel to give him more choices … Some conservatives don’t see the Alaska Constitution as an excuse.

“The fact she wasn’t willing to stand up and fight this is something (they) will seriously question on the national stage,” Family Research Council Action Vice President Tom McCluskey said.

Mrs. Wright of CWA said she’d like to give Mrs. Palin the “benefit of the doubt” but said the Alaska governor will ultimately be held accountable if Judge Christen makes decisions hurting the pro-life cause.

“That’s the responsibility a person takes if they become governor or president,” Mrs. Wright said. “They are responsible for their choices.”

“We’ll be watching,” she added.