Palin Can’t Please Everyone

It seems that no matter how right-wing someone is, there is always someone even more right-wing around to call them a bleeding heart liberal.  For Sarah Palin, that is Vision Forum who, as we noted last week, thinks that her entire career is an offense to God.  Now, Vision Forum president Doug Phillips tells OneNewsNow that not only does her candidacy violate biblical teaching, she’s actually not even a conservative but really a pro-gay, pro-evolution liberal:

“It’s pretty clear what it says in Titus 2 that women are to care for their children, love their husband, and be keepers at home; that the Word of God be not blasphemed,” Phillips explains. “And it’s also clear in 1 Corinthians 11, when it says that the man is not made for the woman but the woman is made for the man, meaning that the wife is to be the helpmeet to the husband, who really sets the family vision and drives the family vision.”

Palin, according to Phillips, is not as conservative as many may believe. “Her actual record is a very anti-family record. Sarah Palin is on record as being pro-evolution, pro-contraceptive discussion at taxpayer expense at government schools,” he adds. “She has advocated the single-most liberal policy regarding Title IX, which requires basically mandatory quotas now to be applied to the private sector. She’s one of the most pro-homosexual governors in America in terms of her actual policies.”