Palin Asked Anti-Abortion Activists to Help Her “Reshape the Judiciary”

Buried in the Alaska Right to Life’s January 2008 newsletter – after the endorsement of Mike Huckabee and before the sign-up sheet for protesting clinics and driving the “Truth Truck” – is an article entitled “For Pro-Lifers Only” in which former Alaska Right to Life president and current Alaskan Independence Party candidate Bob Bird railed against the idea that presidents and legislators where in any way obligated to obey Supreme Court rulings:

Pro-lifers, start making some REAL political headway. Ask your pro-life governor to encourage the state to protect unborn human life, and DARE the federal courts to strike it down … And don’t you ever, EVER permit any pro-life presidential candidate to repeat Ronald Reagan’s famous statement, made in inexcusable ignorance: “Well, my oath of office requires me to enforce all Supreme Court decisions, even those I don’t agree with.” Rubbish.

Bird even blasts those, such as Gov. Sarah Palin, who believe that the best way to overturn Roe vs. Wade and restrict abortion is by reshaping the judiciary – something she apparently asked members of Alaska Right to Life to help her do when she addressed the organization’s “Proudly Pro-Life Banquet” in 2007:

Governor Sarah Palin, a pro-life stalwart every year since she entered the political scene, gave an encouraging speech for the pro-lifers in attendance at the Hotel Captain Cook for the 2008 “Proudly Pro-Life Banquet”. She asked for public support in her efforts to reshape the judiciary, an extremely complex and convoluted process that involves a screening board . . . a screening board that once thought Alaska Right to Life founder Wayne Anthony Ross to be too extreme!

The proceeds from the dinner, where Palin apparently shared the stage with Alveda King, were to be applied toward “the educational endeavors of Alaska Right to Life, including: the pro-life television ads, the G.A.P (Genocide Awareness Project) and the truth truck.”